Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where is Costa Rica?
2. Why is there so much interest in this little country?
3. I know why I'm attracted to Costa Rica but can you tell me what are some of the top reasons that people are choosing Costa Rica today?
4. What is the time zone in Costa Rica?
5. What will I see in Costa Rica?
6. How is the weather in Costa Rica?
7. What are the entry requirements?
8. What are the customs regulations?
9. What taxes should I pay?
10. If I decided to stay longer, can I get a visa while I am there?
11. When is the best time to travel?
12. What should I bring?
13 What is the currency use and form of payment accepted in Costa Rica?
14. What are the medical concerns and suggested vaccines?
15. Is the water drinkable in Costa Rica?
16. Are immunizations required?
17. Tell us about the food.
18. What is the difference between the rain forest and the cloud forest?
19. What you can expect from the Delfines Golf & Country Club?
20. How do I get to Los Delfines Golf & Country Club?
21. Will I be able to find everything that I need at Los Delfines Golf & Country Club?
22. What amenities will I find at Los Delfines Golf & Country Club?
23. What facilities does the villa have?
24. Do I have to bring my own golf equipment?
25 Should we make reservations for tours and additional services in advance?


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